Count the Clock
Identity and Branding Design

Count the Clock Productions was created by a team of Northwestern University filmmakers.
I designed a visual identity encompassing the studio's emphasis on iconic imagery and forward-thinking attitude.

Pictured below are examples of process renderings. I used strokes and circles to create simple geometry that I later distorted to convey dimension and movement.

The logo is made up of two elements: the Eye and the Wordmark.

The Eye is a symbol comprised of 32 strokes arranged in an orbital formation. The central ring symbolizes the 12 dials on a traditional timepiece. Surrounding it are 20 dials that disintegrate at the sides. Together, they evoke ocular imagery while creating a sense of dimension, as if transporting the viewer through time.

count the clock renderslogothinncount the clock renderslogothinn

The Frames represent not only the passing of time and dimension, but also the frames in a moving picture. They are constructed from The Eye, taking the top and bottom row of “lashes” and merging them into a wave shape.

count the clock rendersframescount the clock rendersframes

Through the use of frames, it is possible to create texture and draw emphasis to key elements in an image.

I also animated the logo for use in production credits. 

For more information, the PDF branding guidelines can be viewed below.

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