Branding Redesign

Filtr is Sony Music Entertainment's playlist curation service; it promotes artists on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. During my internship at Sony, I created a visual rebranding scheme to modernize the Filtr brand identity.

In the existing brand, the Filtr script logo is used alongside a "Wave" element. The retro inspired look did not harmonize with the Spotify UI.

The new logo and its accompanying "Filter" element was designed with Spotify's UI in mind. Jaapokki Subtract replaces the retro typeface, and the "Filter" replaces the "Waves." 


Below is a comparison of my proposed solution to the current brand as would be seen in the desktop Spotify app. In the redesign, the "Filter" is used with gaussian blurs of accompanying album artwork, resulting in an elegant visual experience.

The logo can also be animated by using the "Filters" to reveal the wordmark.