User Interface and Experience Design

Lux (Latin for “light”), is a mobile app concept I created with Allison Sun and Bomani McClendon.
Through qualitative user research, we found that users wanted a meaningful way to record and relive significant moments in their lives, while being able to them with close friends. Inspired by the geocaching phenomenon, we tethered the emotional power of music to users' memories and locations, allowing users to really experience their memories. 


The user captures "moments" in the form of a song they are listening to accompanied by a brief personal memo.


Users can also browse a live feed of their friends' recently recorded and revisited moments.


Moments recorded are disseminated onto a personal map and clustered based on location. Users are able to revisit moments by tapping on different points on their map and listening to music associated with those locations. The combination of music, location, and a personal note creates an immersive experience that people can really indulge and get lost in.

We think this will connect people on a more meaningful level than ever before. Feel free to interact with a prototype here.